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Internet Reunites Lost Pets and Owners

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

DiezelWith our impressive array of technologies, like GPS and “smart” phones, you might think that finding a lost pet is getting easier each year.  Sadly, the odds are still against many missing pets ever making it back home.  Isn’t there some way to insure that your pet will return safely from his wandering?

Everyone loves the amazing stories of dogs and cats that travel long distances to find their way back home or even locate their owners in a new city.  Unfortunately, these happy tales are the rare exception to the rule.  For every pet that makes it back after leaving, there are tens of thousands who never live to see home again!

Humane groups and pet industry experts estimate that more than 5 million pets will be lost this year.  One pet in every three will be lost at some point in his or her lifetime.  According to the American Humane Association (, of those that roam away from home, less than 17% of the dogs and only 2% of the cats ever make it back to their owners.  Sadly, most of the rest will be euthanized in over-crowded animal shelters.  Newspapers and on-line ads still tell the sad story of some youngster’s lost pet every day.  Why do we see a continuation of this problem year after year?

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Recent Surveys of pet owners have shown that more than 70% of them feel as if their pet is part of the family. and, just like human family members, today’s advice on healthcare, discipline, and rearing comes from many different sources, including the Internet. Can you trust everything you read on the Web?

We live in an age of almost instantaneous information. 24-hour news stations, talk radio, and of course, the Internet, have revolutionized the way we think and educate ourselves. It is easier than ever to research a topic and make decisions about almost any subject, even the medical care of our families and our pets. But is all the advice good? How do we filter what we find? How do we decide what is the best advice on caring for our four legged family members?