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Day 5 Western Veterinary Conference

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The conference is officially over and I will be catching a 11:00 pm flight tonight.

I chose pet behavior as my lecture course today.  Dr. Jacquelin Neilsen was the speaker and an alumni of the University of Florida.  GO GATORS!!  She covered the following topics throughout the lecture series:  Inappropriate urination including spraying, aggression (dominance and fear), compulsive disorders, separation anxiety, storm phobias, and anxiety.  Each behavior was covered with case examples that she has seen in her Animal Behavior Clinic in Portland, Oregon.  The most important discussion for me was when to use drug therapy and what are the drugs currently being recommended.  She was an effective and entertaining lecturer.

While I was sitting and waiting for the next lecture to begin, a veterinarian sitting next to me asked if I was Brian Hurley.  The veterinarian introduced himself and explained he was in Dr. Jim Humphries lecture the night before.  He remembered Dr. Jim mentioning my name and showing our website as part of the discussion.  We had a brief conversation about our website and facebook pages.  Who would of thought I would be recognized sitting in a lecture.

It is now 6:35 pm and I have to finishing packing.  I plan on leaving in a couple of hours for the airport.  I will be back home tomorrow morning and will return to work on my normal schedule on Tuesday.  Look forward to seeing everyone back home.  I have missed my family!!!!

Day 4 Western Veterinary Conference

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Well, my body is finally getting use to being in Las Vegas, and now it is almost time to go home.  I had an incredible day at the conference. 

This morning, I sat in on lectures for the gastrointestinal system (stomach and intestines) and the urinary systems (kidneys and bladder).  The best part of coming to a conference is learning information that you can take back home and immediately put into use helping our four legged friends.  This week, including today, I have been reflecting on each day and can think of cases I will be reviewing and utilizing things I have learned.

I met with Dr. Jim Humphries before lunch.  Dr. Humphries is the founder of the Veterinary News Network, and the American Society of Veterinary Journalism.  As many of you know, I am an active member in each of these groups.  We were able to sit down and catch up.  The last time I saw Dr. Humphries was during this conference last year.  Tonight, he lectured on Web 2.0 and how this can be utilized by our industry.  Web 2.0 includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, etc.  Dr. Humphries and I spoke at length about my social networking.  I was honored to be asked to come and speak tonight during his lecture.  Our late morning chat turned into lunch.


Day 3 Western Veterinary Conference

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Good Evening.  It is currently 5:08 pm in Las Vegas.  At home, it is now 8:08 pm.  I hear we received some snow today but once again it was not as much as initially anticipated.  I am glad because I am not home to clear the driveway.  Our neighbors typically help Dawn when I am away.

Today, I participated in a Vet-Stem “Boot Camp”  laboratory.  It was extremely useful as I continue my education on the use of adult stem cells for arthritis in our canine patients.  The instructional lab showed us injection techniques, confirmation using radiographs and ultrasound, and rehabilitation therapy techniques.  This lab went a long way in preparing me for implementing our Stem Cell Program at the Gardner Animal Care Center.  The most interesting topic covered was rehabilitation therapy.  We were exposed to a variety of tools that are available for physical therapy in our pets.  I was intrigued by the majority of the products that were demonstrated.  Upon my return home, I will be reviewing the vast amount of information, and developing a program at our hospital.  As a reminder, a future blog will discuss what stem cells are and how they are utilized in disease processes.

The afternoon was spent going through the exhibit hall.  I made sure to visit all our veterinary partners that supply us with useful products in our hospital.  I made sure to stop by the vendors that carry rehabilitation equipment.  I was most interested in looking at two pieces of equipment:  cold therapy and laser therapy delivery systems.  These will by added to my wish list.  I also made sure to look at treadmills  and a gait analysis system.  As always, it is fun getting a variety of pads, pens, stress balls, mints, samples, and books.  I even took the time to get my cholesterol checked.  Time to improve my eating habits based on the results.  Probably didn’t help I hate an hour before the test.

Tonight, Bayer is providing the entertainment.  At 8:30 pm, I will be seeing Foreigner.  This should be a good show.  Until tomorrow…….Good Night!!

Day 2 Western Veterinary Conference

Monday, February 15th, 2010

It is currently 10 minutes to 8 pm in Las Vegas.  Tonight, I am heading to the Mirage to see the show “Beatle’s Love.”  My day started at 6:45 am.  I went down to McDonald’s to get my morning coffee for the walk over to Mandalay Bay. 

I began the day participating in a survey conducted by Idexx Labratories.  The purpose of the research survey primarily covered the Lab Request module in Infinity and it’s use with our outside lab, Antech.  Infinity allows our practice management software to create lab request forms, labels for the blood tubes, and automatic importing the test results into the patient’s medical records.  It was a good discussion including another doctor from Indianapolis, IN.

Following the research survey, I spent the remainder of the morning listening to the latest on Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).  This is a common urinary tract syndrome we diagnosis in our practice.  The first lecture centered around struvites (type of crystal and stone) in the urinary bladder and the current recommendations for the medical management of Struvite Disease.  Behavior management of idiopathic cystitis was next.  Idiopathic cystitis is an inflammatory condition of the bladder of unknown cause.  Stress should be considered as a factor in idiopathic cystitis and behavior modifications may improve clinical symptoms.  Each case will be different and treatment for our feline friends will not only include possible medications but also potential changes in their environment.  The morning lectures concluded with a lecture on picking the right food in FLUTD.  As your veterinarian, we will need to discuss the underlying cause of the disease, nutritional requirements necessary in your situation, effectiveness of the diet being considered and any factors pertinent to your cat and families individual situation.


Day 1 Western Veterinary Conference

Monday, February 15th, 2010

I arrived in Las Vegas for the conference on Friday.  The trip started on a down note.  My father, Dan, typically joins me for this conference.  His flight got cancelled and they could not reschedule a flight for him to get here so he will not be joining me this year.  However, two friends, Rob and Steve, were able to make the trip.

Saturday was the adjustment day.  With the three hour time change, it takes the body a day or so to get acclimated.  The weather was beautiful and we spent the day walking Las Vegas Blvd.  By the time we walked back to the Luxor Hotel, where I am staying, it must have been at least 8 miles.

Today was the first day of the conference.  I woke up at 6 am, got ready, and walked to Mandalay Bay Convention Center to pick up my registration material.  I went back to my room to plan the afternoon lectures to attend.  I decided dermatology was the topic of the day.  If you have a pet with skin issues, you know how skin problems can be very frustrating.  As your veterinarian, we feel your frustration.  Dr. Ackerman spoke about turning frustrations into a commitment.  We need to remember, numerous skin issues will not be cured.  Instead, we need to be ready to manage long-term.  The remainder of the day was spent discussing tests, diagnostic approaches and treatment options.

I must admit, the highlight today was the opening show sponsored by Hill’s Pet Food.  Bill Engvall opened the show with his comedy and I laughed for the entire show.  What a GREAT way to end Day 1.  Tomorrow starts early.